Events Update

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Events Update

Back in April I provided an update to our event coverage throughout 2020, and we had to announce that in line with the lockdown throughout the UK that we would be suspending our events coverage until further notice.

As the situation around COVID-19 has continued to evolve here in the UK we've been closely monitoring as much data as we've been able to get our hands on, both to ensure the safety of our staff and partners, but also to look at predicting where we expect we might be attending events throughout the year.

As I'm sure many of you will have noticed, we've had no event coverage since EGX Rezzed back in 2019! Unfortunately we've found that so far all of our planned event coverage for 2020 has been cancelled or re-scheduled to next year. At the time of writing this, the only event we were planning on attending this year which we have not had absolute confirmation of it being postponed or cancelled is MCM Comic Con Birmingham which usually takes place at the end of November.

We are hopeful that by the time November comes around that we may have the privilege of being able to attend our first event of the year, however we also are very much aware that this may not in fact be possible and that we may be waiting now until 2021 until our event coverage can resume, so what do we have in store for 2021?

2021 Planned Coverage

The ATLAS Studios team are already putting a massive amount of work into our 2021 event portfolio, and we hope to take a new spin on some of our best known event coverage.

Our current hopes are to start the year as we do every year, with 2 amazing MCM Comic Con Shows, Birmingham (March) and London (May) along side an event that never ceases to amaze, EGX Rezzed, where I've had the pleasure of playing a number of truly amazing indie games in my time, and I look forward to bringing you detailed coverage of all of those events.

As the year progresses we are also looking forward to hopefully attending both Insomnia and EGX, where EGX will now be in London we understand for the first time since it's move to the NEC after the closure of Earls Court in 2014. As a fun tip bit in checking this was the case, I stumbled across some 360 tours of EGX at Earls Court, which you may find interesting.

We're also looking at other events that we may want to cover in 2021, we're considering flying out to Dubai for Expo 2021 (Which is something I've wanted to attend since I heard about Expo being a thing) along with a range of more local events in the UK. We will keep you updated on the events we are attending. Though that does leave one final question, what coverage can you expect for the remainder of this year?

Remaining 2020 Coverage

With the current situation as it is, it's unlikely we will have many if any physical events to cover as part of our normal coverage of events, however that doesn't mean you have to miss out on your fix of ATLAS Event coverage.

The ATLAS Studios team now lead by James has been working hard at re-working the type of content we are publishing, and you should now expect weekly content on the blog. During the F1 Season you'll find regular write-ups and coverage on the sport, often coming on either a Sunday or Monday after the race has completed (Time zone permitted).

We are also hoping to be able to cover some of the events that have now been moved to a virtual event, EGX and PAX have come together this year to host a massive online event in September, which I look forward to bringing you coverage on.