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ATLAS Media Studios
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So while the world has been in complete lock-down due to the current Covid-19 pandemic we here at ATLAS Media have taken the time to re-imagine our content division: ATLAS Media Studios. I (James Stratford) am the new head of ATLAS Media Studios and we are looking to take a slightly new direction with our content in upcoming events, when the world reaches a slight normality.

We are hoping to become more productive with our time especially our time spent at events focusing more on content creation rather than our other exploits, we currently have a plans in place for more interviews, blog posts, tweets and even some more comedic content for our first event back after the pandemic.

We are also launching a new Motorsport division within ATLAS Media Studios starting with focusing primarily on Formula 1 one of if not the highest level of competitive motorsport, we plan on live-tweeting the races providing post race analysis as well as updates with the F1 paddock with the latest news as soon as it gets revealed.

We look forward to our first event back and are very excited for our first Formula 1 race the British Grand Prix Sunday the 2nd of August.