2020 Events Update

An update on the events we are attending or planning on attending throughout 2020.

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2020 Events Update

2020 has proved to be a challenging year so far, especially on the events front. Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), so far all of our regularly scheduled events have either been canceled or postponed. This has unfortunately meant we've not had a lot to update you on so far this year, and while we're not entirely sure when things are going to start to normal, we wanted to just update you all to say we are looking forward to bringing you all the normal event coverage, especially for those events which have been postponed to later this year.

We are aware that our usual MCM Comic Con's, both Birmingham and London have been postponed until later this year, and Insomnia was canceled. EGX Rezzed has also been postponed but we are looking forward to what is looking like a really really busy summer and autum season as we cover all of these events for you.

We appreciate this is a tough time for everyone, and would like to recognise all of those looking after these events for their hard work in re-scheduling during these difficult times, but to also show our appreciation for all the key workers, from the amazing NHS, to care workers, to delivery drivers to the technicians who are mainitaining the countries infrastructure and making sure we can keep the lights on while we're all at home.

Stay safe, be kind, and we look forward to bringing you more updates soon!