Upcoming Events - Late 2022

An update on the planned event attendance of the team throughout the rest of 2022.

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Upcoming Events - Late 2022
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With the months of 2022 rapidly passing us by, I wanted to provide an update on the events we're currently considering for the remainder of 2022. As event attendance is confirmed we will look to let you know via dedicated blog posts for each event.

Insomnia Series

The Insomnia events are currently ones we are looking to attend, we are aware of the Summer 2022 event being confirmed and we hope to be able to confirm our attendance at that event very shortly. We are also aware that there may be a further event in the Winter this year and if that does get confirmed from the team at Player1 Events, we will look to attend that as well if we possibly can!

MCM Comic Cons

We are currently discussing internally which of the MCM Comic Con Events we wish to attend this year, we currently expect this to be the London Event. Time permitting we may also look to attend and cover the Birmingham event however for us the London event, with its proximity to the EGX Event is our current focus for MCM


We are currently looking to attend the EGX Event in London later this year which will be our first attendance at the event for a couple of years now, we are very excited to hopefully attend later this year.  

Other Events

We're still looking at some other smaller events focusing on pop culture, gaming and technology and hope to announce our attendance at some more events in the near future.  

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