ATLAS - The Future

An update on what ATLAS is looking to achieve over the coming months, and a reflection on how far we have come.

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Back in February 2017 ATLAS was formed as a UK Limited Company, we did this because we felt, at the time, that it was the best way for us to be able to deliver outstanding services to the clients we were working with. Looking back, I still think that was a key step in the journey we have taken, and the journey we are still on as a company.

When ATLAS Started we were focused around creators, talent management, events and merchandise. These proved to be very different fields, and in reality far further apart than we had realised when we set out on this journey. Naturally over the last 3 or so years, we have refined what we do. With major shifts in how YouTube work, we moved from being a sub-network to a talent house, and from there into the wider focused company ATLAS it's self started off as, before ending up being more of what ATLAS is at the moment. As I write this, we are a hybrid of Talent Management, Event's Management & Solutions along with Solution Development and Brand Identity. That's a lot of buzz words, and all of these areas have proved to be very diverse fields.

So what does that mean for the future?

Recently ATLAS has had a change of leadership, with Alex, one of the original founders of ATLAS and former Managing Director, taking a step back to focus on some of the more creative sides to ATLAS and Ryan (Myself) stepping up to take on the Managing Director role. With this change, and reflecting back on just over 3 years of operating, it's become apparent that we need to make some changes, in order to refine and define what we as a company want to be.

ATLAS has naturally found its self doing a lot more work in the solutions development space, and we are proud to work with amazing people to build bespoke solutions to meet their businesses needs. Likewise we have found that the Talent Management Space is a less natural fit for us, and while we have enjoyed working directly with a number of very talented creators, we feel that there are a number of organisations already well established that can serve this market far more effectively than our current team, we are however keen to continue working in the creative space, just in a slightly different format. We have found over the last 3 years that our combination of logistics and operational development along with our merchandise design & development processes have enabled us to run mixed campaigns to meet our clients need's, and we look forward to continue this work, collaborating directly with Talent Management & Marketing Agencies going into the future.

Another key area that ATLAS has been established in since our formation is our Events Division, while the 'shape' of this has morphed somewhat over the last 3 years, I wanted to give you an idea of what we're looking to build over the next 6-12-18 months. We have done a significant amount of work on our Project-E platform, and we're looking forward to announcing a whole new brand around this space, and we're currently working with event organisers to bring this to events when the COVID-19 pandemic permits us to. We have scoped out development of a few other Event's Management platforms as well, and this is something we hope to re-start work on in the future. In addition to this I am pleased to announce that our team have also been investigating and scoping our hosting our own in-house event. We don't have any more information on this for you right now, but look forward to updating you in the near future.

So that is everything we have been doing since the start, but there are a few new areas that we now work in as we've mentioned. I have been pushing, and will continue to push into the Solutions Development space, both of in-house developed products that we will be selling in the consumer space, but also commercial solutions for our clients bespoke needs. As part of this work we have been launching The Innovation Games, a new game server community which will serve both as what we hope to be an amazing community around ATLAS, and also a place for us to showcase our upcoming new technologies.

We have also launched ATLAS Studios, which takes the best parts of our Creators Collective Initiative, our former Creators Division and the expertise by our teams in order to launch a new approach to our Multimedia coverage, along with a comercial arm to support some of our clients with their media production needs. When events start picking back up in the UK we look forward to showing this to you.

What is going to change?

Over the coming weeks we will push updates out to our website to better reflect the new direction we are going in, a lot of these changes have been slowly in the works for a few weeks now, and just need a few final tweaks to get perfect.

You may have noticed that our social media channels are already being updated, and better reflect the work we are now targeting and working on.

I want to know more / I want to work with you!

That's great, we look forward to hearing from you. Just drop us an e-mail to [email protected] and get in touch, one of our team will get back to you as soon as they can.

From Everyone here at ATLAS, I wish you and your familes well.

Stay safe and be kind.