The Innovation Games - Another Update

The latest update on our Innovation Games Project.

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The Innovation Games - Another Update

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post here to inform you that ATLAS Media Group Ltd. was working on a new gaming community, The Innovation Games. This game network was intended to help us develop a number of our in-house products and service offerings while also building an awesome community that could get into the games.

A few months after that, I wrote an update to advise you that we were still working on this project but that it was not quite ready, unfortunately this post is going to be similar. We are making excellent progress on The Innovation Games, however we have also had a lot of work in other sectors of ATLAS that have taken priority and this has unfortunately pushed our launch further and further back, however I want to update you on where we are today.

Our Discord server is very nearly ready to launch to the public, we have some final tidying up and some graphics to put together to make it look the part, and then we will be ready to announce that. Our forums we decided to scrap and re-build using a different solution, that is being worked on at the moment and we hope to be ready for initial testing in the coming days.

Our game servers are about to start going into work, and we will be deploying a beta test server in the coming week or so, this will not initially be open to the general public, but we will be inviting users in the ATLAS Discord to join the server to help test the games. We have also reviewed our initial launch offering and have had to make some changes in order to accommodate a shorter deadline than what we could meet with some of our more ambitious game servers. Our initial Minecraft game servers will consist of a Creative Plots server, the exact details of what we will include on the server is still under development. We will also be launching a true Survival Server, very similar to what the DarthCraft server was based around when I was fortunate enough to take over co-hosting the server. Like the Creative Plots server, the details on the survival server are still being worked through.

In addition to the Minecraft offering, we are reviewing the other games we planned to go live on our initial launch, I'm not able to provide any real update on these at the moment, but please be assured we are working hard on these.