MCM Comic Con London - Update

With recent incidents here in the UK, we are publishing a short update on our planned attendence for MCM Comic Con London

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MCM Comic Con London - Update

I feel given the recent incidents that have occurred here in the UK and the increase of the UK's national threat level that is worth addressing a few things, mainly our attendance at MCM Comic Con London that is coming up this weekend.

A few weeks ago we received confirmation that our team were able to attend MCM Comic Con London this coming weekend, and plans have gone into place to ensure the maximum coverage of the event, these plans have been called into question over the last 3 days and have had to be adjusted accordingly. We will still be attending MCM Comic Con in London this weekend, however it will now be a smaller team than we had originally planned and we are unsure of exactly how long we will be there. To ensure the operational security and safety of the team that are attending the event, we will currently be unable to confirm what days we are attending, and who will be attending the event from our team.

We feel it would be inappropriate to cancel our attendance fully at the event, we will not give into those that wish to cause terror or dismay and we will continue with our job. We would however like to encourage everyone that is attending any events over the weekend, to remain extra careful. Be Smart, keep your eyes open, and be alert. Simple steps like sharing your GPS Data with close friends / family can give such peace of mind if you are traveling, but most importantly, have fun and do not give in.

Our thoughts continue to be with those affected by these attacks, their families and their friends. Our continued thanks and support goes to our emergency services who's swift and effective actions will have helped those in needs, and to our security services who have been working with the police and army to bring those responsible for these awful attacks to justice, and prevent such an attack happening in the future. We know these are difficult times, everyone has felt the pains from this attack, what we need to be now is strong, we need to get past this, and we need to do whatever it takes to prevent this sort of atrocity from ever happening again.

Our apologies that this blog post is not as up-beat and exciting as many of our other ones, however we feel this is an important post, and we would not change that, please see some of the links and contact numbers in this next section if you have been affected by this attack

Where to get help:

The following are organisations and other contact details for those that may be able to help you if you have been affected by these recent events