Sidemen FC Charity Football Match

Tonight held the Largest Football Game Ever to be hosted on YouTube consisting of Football Playing YouTubers from around the world and supprise visits from some different Celebrities.

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Sidemen FC Charity Football Match

Tonight if you are a fan of the YouTube Group known as the Sidemen you would have known that they were hosting one of the biggest Football Matches Ever Hosted on YouTube. This consisted of all the Members of the Sidemen themselves on one team, joined by some friends of theirs, versus a team of Fifa and Football Related YouTubers who were up for a good old kick-around.

Playing at the Homeground of Charlton Athletic Football Club, The Valley, the Sidemen hosted their Second SidemenFC Football Match against the YouTube All Stars. Tickets to this Football Match were avaliable on their Website where anybody could purchase tickets and attend the match. All of the money towards the tickets went towards the Charity that they were support, which can all be found on their Page.

Who was playing?

Well of course we had the Two Teams, The Sidemen and The YouTube All Stars, pitched together in a traditional football match lasting 90 minutes with the proceedings of the Match going towards Charity.


The Sidemen Lineup

The YouTube All Stars Lineup

Gameplay Timeline

We have recorded and made note of all the vitals moments throughout the game so that if you don't have time to watch the Match again or you didn't watch the match at all but want to know what happened, we have the list for you right here! Containing all the Freekick, Offside, Goal, Injury and Substitution Announcements you might have missed!

Time Event
PRE-MATCH Minutes Silence is held for PC Officer that was killed in the Westminster attack, who was a Charlton Athletic fan which is the stadium that is the venue for this match. Sadly this was not passed onto the game commentators, Joe Weller and Elliot Crawford, who spoke through the minute silence as they were not told about it by the officials.
MATCH BEGIN Match Begins and Sidemen FC take Kickoff. Simon Minter (miniminter) fakes a Half-line shot and make YouTube All Stars panic after he scored that same shot last year.
02:38 The YouTube All Stars Player, Castro, scores a cracking header sent to him via a cross from his team-mate. SDMN 0 - 1 YTAS
06:06 Ethan Payne (Behzinga) from the Sidemen FC slides into a tackle with YouTube All Stars Scorer Castro. No injuries.
08:42 Sidemen FC Freekick inside their own half. SDMNFC Goalkeeper to take Freekick. Failed chance in the box.
09:24 Sidemen FC have a chance on goal Simon Minter (miniminter) running into the box but he is knocked to the ground by the YouTube All Stars Defender, Josh Pieters. Appeals for a penalty but is denied by the ref.
10:44 YouTube All Stars Striker Chris MD runs down the inside lane, into the box, takes a shot but spoons the ball into the crowd. Wasted attempt on goal by The YouTube All Stars.
15:57 Joe Weller and Elliot Crawford begin to discuss Will Lenney, a YouTube All Star's Player Replacement, and a trip that he had in Vegas with a girl called Melonee. Not really important to the football match but this was something that caused quite a stir later in the match.
22:46 Sidemen FC Player Ethan Payne (Behzinga) runs face first into a YouTube All Stars playing, smashing his jaw bone into the players side and hip. Ethan hits the ground immediately and does not get up. Quite a forcefull injury, feel sorry for the boy.
23:01 Sidemen FC Player Simon Minter (miniminter) is in the oppositions box however his position is just too far forward and he is caught offside, if allowed to continue could have been a cracking goal. Just what they were looking for. Still SDMN 0 - 1 YTAS.
23:50 YouTube All Stars Player Marcus Butler takes a shot on goal, however there is no power behind the shot and it falls right into the Keepers hands, no trouble at all for him he didn't even bat an eyelid.
32:49 Tobi from The Sidemen FC shows off some lovely footwork with the ball as he runs up the wing towards the keeper, takes a shot and misses however he does have a headon collision with the YouTube All Stars Keeper, Hugh Wizzy. Keeper hits the ground holding his foot, doesn't look like he want's to get up however he makes a full recovery and continues.
33:56 YouTube All Stars Player, Josh Pieters is awared a Yellow Card. Sidemen FC are awarded a freekick just outside of the penalty area, however Team Captain Simon Minter (miniminter) is nowhere to be found so Ethan Payne (Behzinga) steps in to take the freekick, however he bottles it and hits the wall which is cleared by the defenders.
37:33 Sidemen FC Player Tobi makes a run at goal with a cleared shot from his own defence, he shoots but Hugh Wizzy saves the shot on goal and it's cleared by the YouTube All Star Defence. Still SDMN 0 - 1 YTAS.
43:13 YouTube All Stars are awarded a Corner Kick, it's crossed into Marcus Butler who takes a volleyed shot on goal but misses, aiming too high and the ball whizzes straight over the top of the crossbar. Unlucky shot for the lad, really good chance but it looks like pressure of the players around him got to him and he just couldn't connect with the ball properly.
43:49 Joe Weller and Elliot Crawford say that if the Donations reach £25,000, Joe will die his hair a different colour. Sadly they were so busy talking about their hair, they missed a shot on goal by the Sidemen FC.
43:53 Sidemen FC make a push on goal, take a shot but miss he spoons the shot over the YouTube All Stars Keeper and it's deflected away from goal.
45:00 End of the First Half. Extra Time was added however it was not specified how much Extra Time was added.
45:(??) Marcus Butler for The YouTube All Stars makes a run for the Sidemen FC Goal, on his own against the full Sidemen FC Defense, takes a shot but it's deflected by the keeper back onto the field. Brilliant attempt by Marcus Butler there, nearly making the game interesting again.
HALF TIME Sidemen FC (SDMN) 0 - 1 YouTube All Stars (YTAS)
VIDEO CLIP Livestream shows a video of a select 4 Match Players who answer questions such as "Best Player", "Hard Man", "Best Rapper" and "Best Player".
VIDEO CLIP Livestream shows a Movie Trailer for the new film, "The Mummy", who are the T-Shirt Sponsors for The YouTube All Stars. Viewers had the oppurtunity to win tickets to the UK Release of The Mummy by tweeting @SDMNFC with their Man Of The Match!
SECOND HALF BEGIN The Second Half of the Match begins, The YouTube All Stars have the kickoff for this half of the match. Marcus Butler to begin the Second Half.
47:19 Remember we spoke about Joe Weller and Elliot Crawford talking about a girl called Melodee? Well she text Joe and Elliot telling them how digusted she was that they shared the story about Will Lenney and her in Vegas. (It doesn't end yet)
48:25 Sidemen FC Player Simon Minter (miniminter) shows of his strong arm long throw-in to his team in The YouTube All Star Box, however it's played right into the Keepers hands.
51:27 Sidemen FC Player Simon Minter (miniminter) takes a shot on goal but it's a sky rocket and flies straight over the goal into the crowd. Wasted oppurtunity.
54:40 Sidemen FC Player Lewis Redman takes a shot on goal but shoots wide.
55:07 Castro from The YouTube All Stars has sustained an injury, it isn't clear how he got this injury but Sidemen FC Player Josh Zerka has come to his aid on the pitch to make sure he is okay. Castro is carried off the pitch by Sidemen FC Player, Poet. Replaced by Calfreezy.
56:13 Marcus Butler from The YouTube All Stars makes a run on goal, makes it through the Sidemen FC Defense, he's in the box and oh no he's shot just a few centimeters wide of the post. Unlucky.
57:12 Calfreezy, the YouTube All Stars Captain, has been taken down by Manny from the Sidemen FC in a tackle which the ref counts as a foul but no card is produced.
57:47 Melodee from earlier, the poor lass who Joe Weller called out for sleeping with Will Lenny in Vegas, has just text Joe saying "I really thought you were cooler than that, but to give out my name and handle is really low of you. I didn't deserve this".
No Melodee you are right, you didn't deserve this. However I must stick up for the boys and say they didn't give out your handle, people found it pretty quickly sadly - but no you did not deserve it.
62:11 The Stadium errupts in a chant of "We want Vikk (Vikkstar123 - Sidemen FC)". No sign of Vikk yet, the chant has been going on for a while now, will he show? Answer the calls of his fans in the stadium? Not as of yet but only time will tell.
64:08 Ethan Payne (Behzinga) from the Sidemen FC is substituted for Poet.
64:21 Sidemen FC Player K.S.I is tackled by his own brother, Deji (Comedy Shorts Gamer), bringing him to the Ground by aiming for his ankle not the ball. He quickly jumps up and starts to shout at his brother and the ref. At one point K.S.I looks as if he is about to fight his brother, but he does not.
65:29 Sidemen FC Tobi (Tobjizzle) takes a shot on goal after a throw-in from Simon Minter (miniminter) but his shot goes wide and high. Oppurtunity missed to get equal with the YouTube All Stars.
68:46 YouTube All Stars Player JMX Dislocates his shoulder! The Player can be seen running down the wing in competition, then falling and instantly reacting as he lands on his arm incorrectly. He can be seen mouthing the words "It's Out! It's Out!" as he is helped up by Sidemen FC Player Josh Zerka. Match Paramedics make their way to JMX.
Sidemen FC Player Simon Minter (miniminter) rushes towards the Match Paramedics as they walk towards JMX at a "leisurely pace", Simon shouts and screams at them to come and help his friend JMX faster. Match Paramedics help JMX at the side of the pitch but then escort him off the pitch to work on his shoulder for him.
72:41 Sidemen FC Player Simon Minter (miniminter) is passed the ball by his defense as he takes a shot on goal but sadly Hugh Wizzy catches the ball in his hands and the threat is diverted.
80:01 YouTube All Stars Player JMX has returned from the Match Paramedics which is Shoulder seen to, he joins his team on the pitch again to finish the match.
PITCH INVASION A Young Man can be seen jumping across the barrier behind the YouTube All Stars Goal and onto the pitch. He then runs past Hugh Wizzy, past Sidemen FC Player Tobi who asks him what he is doing - to which the Young Man Replies wih his middle finger and keeps running. The Young Man then runs out of Video Shot and the Livestream does not show you what happens to him next.
81:00 However, to quote the Commentator Joe Weller "Okay what's he doing, oh it's Zerka, he's whipping out a R.K.O out of nowhere". Which suggests to me that Sidemen FC Player Josh tackled the Young Man. The Camera then pans to Simon Minter (miniminter), who does not look impressed by the addition of a "Streaker" to his Charity Football Match.
85:22 YouTube All Stars Player, Deji (Comedy Shorts Gamer), has a clear run and an open shot on Goal but just as he shoots the shot is blocked by Sidemen FC Defender Vujanic.
87:55 Tanoid Announcement is made regarding the Pitch Invasion at the end. Everyone is advised not to invade the pitch as there is a planned Trophy Ceremony for the winning team. This is announced due to the Young Man earlier and the fact a planned Trophy Ceremony was planned last year however everyone invaded the pitch and the ceremony was cancelled by Health and Safety.
89:05 YouTube All Stars Player Chris MD finds himself in the box with three Sidemen FC Defenders, he passes JME, he gets it on his left foot and places the ball in the bottom right hand corner of the net! SDMN 0 - 2 YTAS
90:00 Extra Time has been awarded at the end of the Second Half.
90:(??) Sidemen FC in a last ditch attempt to grasp a goal answer their fans wishes and bring Vikk back onto the pitch, the crowd errupts as he jogs back onto the pitch, hoping he can store that all important goal.
END OF MATCH That's the end of the Match. Sidemen FC versus YouTube All Stars ends in a win for the YouTube All Stars. Congratulations gentlemen it was a very well played game. Sidemen FC now have 1 Win and so do YouTube All Stars.
PITCH INVASION Even after a tanoid announcement stating that there would be no Pitch Invasion so that the Sidemen could award the YouTube All Stars with their Trophy, upon the final whistle 4 Young Men can be seen breaking a Pitch Barrier and storming onto the pitch, then followed by other people who now think it is allowed and a good idea because they have done it.
TROPHY CEREMONY The Trophy Ceremony is then cancelled by Health and Safety due to the vast number of people now on the pitch. The YouTube All Stars are not awarded at Trophy Ceremony due to a large scale pitch invasion. This is an exact repeat of Last Year with Sidemen FC when a Large Scale Pitch Invasion meant they could not be awared their Trophy.
SDMNFC CHARITY MATCHES It is believed, based on tweets from Sidemen FC Team Members and Sidemen Affiliates, that the Large Scale Pitch Invasion could cost Sidemen Fans their Charity Football Match as Sidemen are digusted with the behaviour of their fans, even when told not to invade the pitch so a Trophy Ceremony could be carried out, fans still proceed too.