MCM Comic Con London - Day 1 - LIVE

This is our live update throughout the day so stay tuned for all the latest pictures and updates.

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MCM Comic Con London - Day 1 - LIVE

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the live blog from the ATLAS team here at The ExCel arena for Comic Con London. The blog will be updated by both Ryan & Callum throughout the day so keep tuned for the latest and greatest coverage.

6:00AM Ryan - Its far too early to function, that’s probably the best place to start here. Its time to head off, due to the amazing timing its rail replacement all weekend, so its time to head off to the train station, ready to embark on the hour journey to Reading, before getting the train into London. On the coach I was fortunate to sit near 4 other people heading to Comic con, all in cosplay. When we eventually arrived in London we headed down on to the tube where we met with even more people heading to Comic con, and this is where things went a tad wrong. On arriving into London Victoria underground station the train performed an emergency stop, and a short while later we were informed that the train and entire station was undergoing an emergency evacuation. Not really what we all needed, and with everyone already being very nervous it kept everyone on edge.

We all made it out of the station, and merged with another large group of people also trying to get to Comic Con. After a fairly long walk across London (probably 45 mins or so) we managed to get back on to the tube network, and then on to the DLR. We managed to check into the event and got our kit setup. We've just met with Blockships and the Special Effect team, before heading off to have a quick look around the event.

12:30PM Callum - Hey there friends! We're coming to you live from Comic Con at the ExCel Arena! We will be live blogging throughout the day with as much Comic Con fun as you can handle. So far we've bumped into the great fellows over at the Block Ships booth as well as the amazing team at Special Effect! We hope to be bringing you many different photos and updates throughout the day! Please send us a tweet over at @ATLASUKLTD if your here today! We'd love to bump into you and say hi!

Wherever you are, I hope you have an amazing day!