Project-E Update

An update on the Project-E Status, and the future of the project.

1 min read

The ATLAS Media Group Project that has been named Project-E has recently hit a major milestone within it's development, and our 1.5 Release is now up and running.

Project-E is an in-house state of the art game management solution, designed primarily with gaming events in mind. The Project-E system, combined with our expert staff deliver an end-to-end solution for allowing events that wish to show case games, offer a gaming specific zone, or just want a chill out area with a few PC's setup to have a purpose built management platform allowing greater control and efficiency around how the system operates.

The Project-E system enables us to allow more people to play the games they want to play by automating much of the work that usually has to be done by hand such as switching games, managing players, and resetting the environment after a player has played. It also allows us to pull real time metrics of the amount of players, progress of certain games and allows our on-site team to make real time adjustments to the amount of PC's running specific games / gamemodes at any one time.

A lot of the improvements which have been made to the platform in the recent months have been around improving overall performance and stability, and opening the platform up to support additional game modes, and this is work that will be ongoing as we look to support as many game modes as there is demand to support. We have also made a lot of improvements to how our team interact with the system, with a fresh new control panel, better support for the devices we manage the platform on, and general bug fixes and improvements.

If you are interested in working with the ATLAS Team to bring Project-E to your events, or if you have any questions about the platform, then why not get in contact with us, just drop us an e-mail to [email protected] and one of our team will get back to you.