The Innovation Games - Update

An update on the teams progress of our latest project, The Innovation Games.

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The Innovation Games - Update

A few months ago we announced that the ATLAS team would be launching a new range of game servers code-named "The Innovation Games" - A few months on I wanted to update you all with the progress we have made.

Over the last few months our team have been hard at work designing the architecture to host this brand new platform, and designing it in such a way that not only will we be able to open source major chunks of the platform, but that the entire system will be able to scale exceptionally fast, something that is key in our eyes for the success of the project. While these designs and the automation code is not currently published, we hope to publish it shortly after we launch the public Alpha of the game servers. You will be able to find them all on our Github when they are published, and we will post an update here to let you know when they go live.

Unfortunately the project has taken longer than we would have hoped to have launched, this has been caused by a number of other projects which are also being worked on at the moment taking priority, these projects are making excellent progress and we have been able to dedicate a significant amount of our time back to working on The Innovation Games.

What's Next?

The next step for us is to finish the development of the various game servers we are hoping to launch, and complete some internal testing. At the time of writing this one of the Games we will be hosting has the bare-bones configured and the hardware is in place. We have nearly got our new Discord Server ready to launch, and the forums are currently in active development.

At the time of our public alpha launch the Discord will be opened up to the public (If we have not already announced it on other social media channels), our forums will launch to the public and a number of inital game servers will also launch. Once we hit our public Alpha we will review the various games & Game modes we are offering and see exactly where the community wants to go forward, and what will also work for our team in terms of testing upcoming game modes for our Project-E Platform.

Getting Involved

If you're interested in getting involved, jump on in to the ATLAS Discord server. From here we will be allowing a small amount of users to test the platform before it goes live, and we will always post announcements there before anywhere else.

We can't wait to see you on the game servers, and look forward to hearing your thoughts!