Announcing - ATLAS Innovation Game Servers

ATLAS Announces a new set of gaming servers for the public to join, coming soon!

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Announcing - ATLAS Innovation Game Servers

Over the last few months the ATLAS team have been working on a range of new and innovative idea's for the gaming market. As part of some of our ongoing projects such as Project-E, along side a range of new services that will be being announced over the coming months, ATLAS will be launching a range of innovation game servers, to support the ongoing work we are currently doing behind the scenes.

While these servers will initially be used primarily for testing various applications that are currently being developed by the ATLAS team, we will be opening these game servers to the pubic, and depending on their success we will look at supporting these game servers as a separate project for the community they have.

The team are still in a very early stage of development, and these servers will not be launching immediately, but will be coming soon to the ATLAS Portfolio, so do watch this space. We're also not yet able to confirm the games and game modes that will be operated, however we can confirm that all of the current game types within Project-E will eventually be supported, along with a range of prototype games that may be added to the Project-E platform at a later date.

We're keen to hear from the community to see if there is an interest in supporting these publicly in the longer term, for the immediate future we will be looking to build the game servers for the primary purpose of testing the various applications we have, and allowing our game servers to have some rigours testing before they are deployed at event sites.

We thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to a number of upcoming annoucements this year!