EGX Rezzed 2018 - Day 2 LIVE

The team are at EGX Rezzed all weekend, find our live coverage of the event here!

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EGX Rezzed 2018 - Day 2 LIVE

Update 17:45AM:

Its been a hectic day here at Rezzed, we are wrapping up now before we need to make a run for it, the show is starting to pack down and I am certainly ready for a nap. It has been a long two days but its been absolutely amazing and there have been so many great games on display and so many awesome developers we have spoken to. You can expect an update a bit later with a bit more information on what we did this afternoon, but for now we are going to call it a wrap here.

Update 11:45AM:

We have just got back from playing the Overcrowd: A Commute ‘Em Up game. The game was setup really nicely for a demo, especially for an Alpha demo. The concept of the game is based around building and managing underground tube stations where you need to keep the commuters happy on their journey and you have to meet other requirements such as amount of passengers going through your station. You get a lot of control over how the station is ran and it is down to you to manage staff and what they are doing, the layout of the station, and the route passengers take to get around the station. The game is currently hoping to be on the Steam Early Access this autumn and we will be writing up the game in a bit more detail over the coming weeks, so watch this space!

We are just doing some updates now, then we intend on having a wonder around the expo, playing some more games and meeting more awesome people!

Update 10:30AM:

Good Morning Everyone! We're back at EGX Rezzed today for the final day of the show. We had an amazing day yesterday and if you have not already you should check out our coverage from yesterday. We have a couple of meetings to attend througout today so will keep you up to date here around those. You should also be sure to follow our twitter, we will be tweeting throughout the show on what we're up to. If you're at Rezzed today be sure to come and say hi to us, we're going to be around until the show closes!