MCM Comic Con Birmingham - The Write Up!

Our coverage from MCM Comic Con Birmingham November 2017

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MCM Comic Con Birmingham - The Write Up!

MCM Comic Con is the premier pop culture event in the UK. You’ll expect to find a myriad of cosplayers covering a vast spectrum of the pop culture world - anything from Star Wars to Overwatch and everything in-between. You can also find guest appearances from well-known stars such as Warwick Davis and Keith Allen. The exhibition halls are filled with stores that reflect this as well where you can find anything from a light-up lightsaber to Dakimakuras.

We started our coverage by venturing upon the empire, which as you imagine from an event such as MCM Comic Con the level of quality of the cosplays is extremely high. There also appeared to be quite a Star Wars presence at the event, which I’d think is because of the recent films that have been made increasing its popularity and relevancy.

One big attraction of the event is the cosplay masquerade, where brave contestants showcase their cosplay along with a performance to the audience and judges. You can see our coverage of the masquerade over on our flickr.

If you do come to a future MCM Comic Con event (which we would recommend - it’s great), be warned it can get quite busy!

If you are after more information on MCM or the other events they run, why not take a look at some of these resources?