MCM Comic Con London - Day 1 Live

We're currently en-route to the Excel Arena in London for MCM Comic Con London 2017, stay tuned throuhgout the day for live updates from the team!

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MCM Comic Con London - Day 1 Live

Morning All, we start another comic con live show coverage blog entry with the usual trip on the train over to London (Which was quite pleasant as always) and are now making our way to the ExCel Arena for what is destined to be an awesome weekend!

Update 1 - We have found our way to the ExCel (Without getting too lost even if some of the team went too far on the DLR and went in the wrong door to the Excel...) and have now picked up our passes, settled down and said hello to the team. This press room does have a rather nice view onto the show floor and we're heading out there now to do some exploring!

Update 2 - As always Comic Con in London is jam packed with all sorts of stands, expo and cosplayers, and we have already got a load of really awesome pictures that we cant wait to share with you. We've also found our way to the maoam stand and the Coke Zero Stand (You can never go wrong with freebies, especially ones that contain sugar or keep you somewhat hydrated? We hope?). We have also spotted a very cool collection of props containing all sorts from helmets through to full size mockups of characters from comics. Time for lunch and then to get some awesome pictures!

Update 3 - We've called it a wrap for the day here at London Comic Con, we've been busy taking LOADS of pictures all afternoon so will be getting to editing those ready to get them uploaded onto Flickr as soon as time permits. Tomorrow will be a lot of photography and not so much exploring for us, so we may not update you tomorrow depending on if we think there is anything interesting for us to report!

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