The TotalFreedom Minecraft Community Joins With ATLAS

The TotalFreedom Community of over 10 years today joins as part of the ATLAS Media Group Family

The TotalFreedom Minecraft Community Joins With ATLAS
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I'm pleased to share with you all that the over 10 years old TotalFreedom Minecraft community has now officially joined with the ATLAS Media Group Family.

The TotalFreedom server has been running now for over 10 years, and was the first server of it's kind, providing an "All-OP" Minecraft experience to any player who decided to join, and enabling players to choose their own destiny on the server and play with friends and other players online either to build, PvP or just explore.

Here at ATLAS we've been working on a number of projects many of which are still under development, and a lot of these were going to be piloted and shown off against The Innovation Games, which was our own in-house gaming community that we had started work on.

Earlier this year we had postponed work on The Innovation Games in order to better prioritise the other work on our backlog, and with this new project coming in to our portfolio we've taken the decision to now indefinitely suspend work on TIG in order to focus on the TotalFreedom community, and focus our efforts on community growth there, while also enabling the server to get those early sight releases when it comes to the other projects we are working on.

I'm really excited for what the future holds for TotalFreedom and the wider ATLAS portfolio, and I can't wait to start bringing some of the aspects we had planned for The Innovation Games into the TotalFreedom server!

If you want to join the TotalFreedom Community, check out the forums here.

You can also join us in game on