MCM Comic Con London - Day 1 LIVE

Follow the ATLAS team's live coverage of MCM Comic Con throughout the day.

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MCM Comic Con London - Day 1 LIVE

Hello Everyone! The ATLAS team are going to be running a live blog both today and tomorrow for the MCM London Comic Con at the Excel Arena in London. The MCM Comic Con series of events is simply like no other event, no other event we have attended has such a diverse mix of fandom's and such a mix of people from those who want to see someone from their favorite TV show or Movie, to cosplayers through to gamers. Enjoy the live blog throughout the day!

MCM Comic Con is the leading pop culture event organiser in the UK within ReedPOP, dedicated to producing experiential fan events and bringing together a creative scope of popular culture. The MCM portfolio includes MCM London Comic Con, MCM Birmingham Comic Con, MCM Manchester Comic Con and MCM Scotland Comic Con.

Update 16:45 - I have now discovered there is a free burger place outside of the arena, so shameless tweeted a selfie just for the free burger. I've managed to have a proper look around the expo and am continuing to discover new areas and stands that I did not originally spot when I did my first walk around, Comic Con may be never ending...

Outside Excel

Despite the poorer weather conditions than previous comic con events there are a lot of people braving the cold to get some last pictures, hopefully the weather will pick up over the rest of the weekend and we can get some amazing shots.

We will try to post another update on the way home, we've got a bit more exploring to do before it's home time!

Update 14:00 - I have managed to locate the Costa (one without a huge queue for drinks) and secured some caffine. I've also had the pleasure of catching up with Becki and the Special effect team which was awesome.

Adult Swim are also hanging out here at Comic Con, and they have a tasteful as always stand, with some rather sassy comments as you will see...

Adult Swim Back of Stand

Along with some amazing instructions on how to properly green screen...

Adult Swim - How to Green screen

Right now we're just taking a few moments, cafinating up and enjoying the slow internet. The team will be taking a load of photo's around the event tomorrow, which you will be able to find on our Flickr.

Update 12:15 - We have arrived at the Excel, passes have been collected and we've managed to have a good look around the event. Needless to say there is a massive amount of content to see here ranging from comics to cables to live stage content to PC gaming and everything inbetween.

One of the sights we saw while walking through the events, how many dinasoures does it take to find your destination.

We're going to continue looking around the event and will update you as we look around!

Update 09:00 - I'm currently sat on the train on the way in to London getting ready for a super busy day at the Excel arena. I'm not yet entirely sure what time I'm going to make it to the Excel, and a full english breakfast would be amazing about now!