Video Game Releases December 2016

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Video Game Releases December 2016

The Video Game Industry is getting bigger everyday and that can mean only one thing - more games. December is no exception to new Games and we can't wait to get our hands on them, and we're sure that you can't either. They are looking absolutely amazing so far.

To help you keep up with all of these game releases, I've compiled a list of the games we are still waiting for in December of 2016.

Xbox Games of December

Xbox One is home to some of the most Graphically intense games coming out on the market to date. After the release of the Xbox One S, which has a staggering performance record, the games coming out for the Xbox in December do not disappoint, that's if Game Trailers are anything to go by.

Here are a list of the confirmed games that are going to be released in December on the Xbox:

Personally, the Inspire Team are waiting for all of these titles to release. We can't wait to grab our board and explore the snowy wilderness of Alps, or even put on our wingsuit and feel the cold air rush past our faces in Steep. Ubisoft, we're waiting, don't let us down on this one. It looks great.

We are also keeping our eye on the new The Walking Dead Season 3: A New Frontier Game from Telltale. We are huge fans of the Television Series and, spoiler alert to anyone who isn't caught up, we think that Tara's decision to not tell Rosita about Oceanside was the right thing to do.

We are pretty sure that Telltale can't disappoint us here though, they haven't managed to yet with the previous episodes so this should be great!

Playstation Games of December

At the moment Playstation are really stepping up the game with their release of the Playstation VR, which I have to admit is an extremely cool piece of equipment having the privledge to try one myself. However, I'm not a massive Playstation fan, not for any particular reason, I just play Xbox more. That won't stop me from telling you what Playstation have in store for you all this December.

Sadly we have hardly any new titles compared to the Xbox list with the exception of one. Here are Playstations Game Titles to be released in December 2016: